Bad Comments

Since I published my ProArchery App in July 2011, I have had a few comments about my app. In fact the comments I have had have been lower that 1% than the people who actually have it still actively installed on their mobile and I won’t even go as far so calculate the people that have installed it. There have been some lovely comments though and thanks go out to the people who have left nice comments and also tried to stick up for the app. It is very hard to cover all variations of mobile phone as a one man team. For the haters the app it was not obviously for them. Some of the comments have actually been abusive and some sounded like competitors trying to just make my app sound bad. I am not saying my app is great. It was my first android game so I was a little naive. I had not written a game since the earlier days of the Acorn Archimedes when I was still at school age 15. I did have knowledge of the Archery community and I could not find a single app that really made me want to play it. I wanted an experience as close to what I had while practising archery outdoors in the sun while it was raining. Not a simulator but something close to it. I decided to write the ProArcher app hoping that people like me would want to play it. Surprisingly a lot of non archers play it too. I do think that is where some bad comments come from. People expect arcade/3d. I have come to the conclusion you cannot please everyone. There will be 16 year old kids that hate Grand Theft Auto. What can you do? The answer is nothing because everyone is different. I do say that If I bought Cherry Cola and did not like it (which I don’t) I don’t think I could be bothered to take the time to tell everyone about it. If you get nasty comments take in your stride and carry on. You know the hard work that has gone into your application. It is not easy with so many late nights and the people that comment have no idea and have not written a line of code in their life. Just think I have hopefully made money out of you and thank you  -).


Yes I did tell everyone I don’t like Cherry Cola lol but I am not nasty about it. Sorry just not for me :-)

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